Saturday, 19 May 2018

MONKEY BAAT FULL MOVIE DOWNLOAD HD / मंकी बात चित्रपट डाउनलोड करा

Review: In 2016, Avinash Arun’s directorial Killa had explored the emotional turmoil children go through when their parents are forced to relocate. The film touched a chord with children and adults alike, but Monkey Baat, a film on similar premise simply fails to justify the topic at hand. The appreciable concept ends up getting trivialized with Viju Mane’s attempt of adding a comic twist to it.

Vayu (Vedant Apte), a bright student and a star football player, finds himself a victim of bullying and ridicule due to his rural accent and mannerisms when he shifts to the Mumbai from Kolhapur. Unable to adjust, he resorts to pranks, at times bordering violence, to move back to Kolhapur. At every step, Lord Krishna (played by music composer Avdhoot Gupte) tries to warn him citing Shishupal’s anecdote from Mahabharata where his 101st crime invoked a death penalty. However, our protagonist pays this penalty after his 101st crime by transforming into a monkey.

Agreed this is a children film, but it is high time filmmakers gave kids their intellectual due and stopped simplistic rendition of layered topics. Only when they start breaking this formula would the young ones be able to appreciate good cinema. 

Mane has tried to make a statement through an entertainer, but in doing so, the film has gone haywire. Despite the drawback, there is still a chance that young ones might enjoy this one purely for Vedant’s antics.