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New 2.0 Movie Download Hd 2018 / Robot 2.0 Hd Movie Download

Robot  2.0 Movie Review 

2.0 is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language science fiction action film written and directed by Shankar and co-written by B. Jeyamohan. Produced by Subaskaran under the banner Lyca Productions, the film is a sequel to Enthiran (2010), featuring Rajinikanth reprising the roles of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, alongside Akshay Kumar and Amy JacksonSudhanshu PandeyAdil HussainKalabhavan Shajohn, and K. Ganesh appear in supporting roles. It follows Dr Vaseegaran as he helps the government investigate the threat of a fifth force that can control cell phones, in association with his andro-humanoid robotic creation, Chitti. The soundtrack is composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics written by Madhan Karky and Na. Muthukumar.

The movie begins with a man hanging himself to death from a cell phone tower among birds all around him.
Cut back to Dr. Vaseegaran's lab, where some students have come to visit him. There he shows them his new andro-humanoid robot, Nila. While going back on a bike and simultaneously talking on a cell phone, one of the student falls of his bike and is astonished to see his cell phone flying like a sparrow around him. Similarly cell phones all over Tamil Nadu start flying like a sparrow. Amidst this chaos, the Home Minister of Tamil Nadu, in a meeting of scientists and police among others asks the reason behind all this to which Dr. Vaseegaran replies that it is beyond conventional science and to fight this, they also need a superpower, asking the Minister to take help of Chitti the robot. However, this proposal is turned down when neither the Police nor the Home Minister takes responsibility for Chitti's action along with some opposition from Dhinendra Bohra (Bohra's son from the previous movie). Instead, taking help of the military and armed forces is proposed in the meeting.
On the other hand, the mysterious Pakshi Rajan kills a cell phone wholesaler, a transmission tower owner and a telecom minister: one blown to smithereens, the other squeezed to pulp, and another literally poisoned with a diamond-studded mobile phone. Also uprooting cell phone towers nonetheless.
Simultaneously, Dr. Vaseegaran goes against the proposed idea of the meeting and rescues and starts Chitti the Robot again with the help of his android assistant Nila, who has a crush on Chitti. Chitti is made to track Pakshi Rajan and while the both face off, Chitti's battery gets depleted and so he starts searching for a power source amongst the three huge signal transmitter. To Dr. Vaseegaran's surprise, the huge Mobile Bird is unable to penetrate through thr field of the transmitters and is repelled by them, thus saving Chitti from further damage.
When Chitti returns to the lab, Dr. Vaseegaran inquires about the three huge parabolic antenna and comes to know that they were built secretly to send signals of negative energy into space with the hope of finding or communicating with other species. Dr. Vaseegaran thus replicates the antenna on a smaller version and sets of with Chitti and Nila to destroy Pakshi Rajan. There, Pakshi Rajan tells Chitti about his life story and reveals that he was the man who hanged himself in the beginning of the movie. Chitti listens to his story while Nila and Dr. Vaseegaran try to restore the antenna. Ultimately they manage to destroy Pakshi Rajan (although they are tricked into believing this).
Later in another meeting, Vaseegaran explains how Pakshi Rajan isn't a human being, but is a body of negative energy (aura) of a single human being and many small birds and sparrows. This being the reason why those parabolic antenna were able to repel Pakshi Rajan. This feat of Chitti helps Vaseegaran's cause and the Home Minister takes responsibility of Chitti's action and order is given to make for android robots like him. However Bohra isn't satisfied with this.
While all this was going on, at the night time, Pakshi Rajan surrounds Vaseegaran's room with cell phones and takes over his body. Hence, Vaseegaran romes the streets at night telling people to stop using cell phone and throwing away people when they refuse to do so. Thus comes Chitti, who hesitates from killing Pakshi Rajan as it will mean the death of his god Vaseegaran as well. Taking advantage of this, Pakshi Rajan disassembles Chitti. But Nila takes him back to the lab and installs the evil 😈 2.0 version of Chitti in Chitti's body.

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